Full Features


Below are a list of optional licenses that you can add to your virtual server

Addon Monthly Cost
cPanel License $15
Windows 2008 Standard $30/core
Windows 2012 Standard $30/core
Microsoft SQL Express Free
Microsoft SQL Web $35/2 cores
Microsoft SQL Standard $250/2 cores
Microsoft SQL Enterprise $950/2 cores
Server Management

You can have InnoHosting level 3 techs manage your server for you. Below are the various management options

Management Type Monthly Cost
OpenVZ Basic Management $5
OpenVZ Advanced Management $49
KVM Basic Management $35
KVM Advanced Management $99
Hourly Server Management $50
Server Images

InnoHosting is constantly adding new virtual server images which allow you to deploy operating systems and applications quickly and with minimum effort. Below is the current list of available images

Image Platform
CentOS 5 OpenVZ
CentOS 6 OpenVZ, KVM
Debian 7 OpenVZ
Debian 8 KVM
Fedora (17 & 20) KVM
Scientific Linux KVM
ownCloud OpenVZ
WordPress OpenVZ
OpenVPN OpenVZ
Basic vs Advanced Server Management

Basic Management

Basic server management is perfect for those that have some experience in managing a server but occasionally need some assistance. Our server management covers the full LAMP stack + Exim mail server. InnoHosting can provide reactive support for the components that are delivered with the server. Any major modifications you make to those basic components however will exclude that component and affected components from the server management service.

Advanced Server Management

Advanced server management provides you with comprehensive cover for your server. We'll proactively monitor and manage the server for you making sure everything is operating optimally. If your server experiences any issues, our engineers will be alerted immediately and will take proactive steps to return your server back to full stability as well inform you of the work that was done. Advanced server management is perfect for those that want to focus on their business and have a complete managed service. Advanced server management includes all the features of basic server management as well.

Please note: Our server management services are only applicable to cPanel based servers