PrestaShop Hosting

PrestaShop Hosting

PrestaShop is an established e-commerce and CRM application that is both scalable and flexible that has over 310 dynamic features. Not only will it create a power web store, but the built in CRM means you can effectively manage a close relationship with your customers and potential customers. Used by some of most respected brands including Google, Office Depot and TNT, PrestaShop has quickly positioned itself as an emerging leader in e-commerce applications.

PrestaShop Optimized
Web Hosting

With any e-commerce application, it becomes more resource intensive as you add more products and your business begins to grow.

Choosing a web host that offers true scalability, bespoke solutions and understands your core business requirements is essential. InnoHosting has significant industry experience in application hosting and e-commerce services.

We're able to scale our services based on your true core needs and ensuring you can focus on your business while we make sure your online presence never misses a beat. Our pro-active attitude means we can deliver a flawless service that is of paramount importance to any web store.

Secure PrestaShop

As applications become more sophisticated, so does the level of complexity and so do the malicious users. Keeping on top of security issues often means you need a dedicated team of security professionals working round the clock to keep your website secure. That's why InnoHosting has developed activeGuard. InnoHosting activeGuard closely monitors and analyses the behavior of your website visitors and dynamically fends of malicious attacks on your website in real time and automatically. It's non-intrusive, is always on and provides 360 security on all your web services. activeGuard has been optimized for PrestaShop and applies Just In Time virtual patching on the fly, defending your site against brute force intrusion, XSS and SQL injection to name a few. InnoHosting activeGuard is enabled on all our hosting accounts as standard and complements our existing team of security engineers that work tirelessly in making sure your website is protected.

Rapid PrestaShop

You can install & deploy PrestaShop within minutes using our one-click script installer. No need to upload any files and spend time configuring a database - our one-click installer will do it all for you with just one click, allowing you to deploy one or many PrestaShop instances within minutes and without requiring any technical knowledge.

PrestaShop Web Hosting Packages

All our web hosting plans have been optimized for PrestaShop hosting. The hosting plan most suitable will depend on the size of your store.

If you are just starting out or have a small PrestaShop store, then our Web Hosting plans will be suitable. Click Here to view our web hosting plans.

If you have a store that is growing and needs more power than your typical web hosting plan but wish to keep costs low - or if you wish to deploy multiple instanced of PrestaShop for either yourself or your clients, our Reseller Hosting packages are suitable for this purpose.

If you have a busy established PrestaShop store and require dedicated PrestaShop hosting or managed PrestaShop web hosting, then our scalable Virtual Servers or our Managed Dedicated Servers will give your PrestaShop web store the dedicated resources and power that it needs to serve your customers. Our Virtual Servers and Dedicated Server plans are used by enterprise businesses, governments and educational establishments world-wide.

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  • From all of the research I did before moving, through the whole signing up process to my first experiences, it is very gratifying that I find Inno's excellent reputation in the industry and my confidence in that to have been well founded in practice.
  • I know you say you look forward to us small fry one day being competitors but with the support and goodness-to-honest service that you guys provide (and are given so much respect for) I wish you all the best and the growth that you truly deserve.
  • I've only been with them for a couple of months and it just blows my mind how much these guys do to give us a great hosting experience. I've been with a number of different hosts over the years, some more expensive, some less. These guys blow away any other host I've ever had. Fast servers, excellent top notch customer service.